You XS iPhone sales forecast will be a little disappointed, Apple watches series 4

Kuo believes that Apple’s sales of watch series 4 will be larger than expected, creating new functions and capabilities, and measuring electrocardiograms (ECG). He predicted that Apple watch sales will reach 18 million, and Apple’s 455% watch series will account for 50 every year in 2018.

If ECG supports many countries, Kuo believes sales series 4 is even higher.

On the contrary, Kuo said the order quantity of iPhone XS was lower than expected because customers chose iPhone or iPhone XR XS Max. My Kuo forecast XS sales iPhone, smartphones will only account for the number of samples from 10 to 15% iPhone level in 2018 compared to before.

Kuo believes that the largest prediction of iPhone XS orders is consistent, showing the success of the strategy and the pursuit of the high price of an apple.

“Yellow, two SIM cards and large screen demand XS Marx, iPhone will be very strong in the Chinese market. The average transport time is shorter than that of XS iPhone, which is also higher than iPhone X in the halftime of 2017 (last week to two weeks than 2 to 3 weeks). I think the supply chain has improved us. Oh, keep your prediction XS Marx will account for 2530% half of the new iPhone sales, Kuo at the end of 2018.

Finally, Kuo found positive prospects for XR iPhone, which allowed pre-purchase from October 19th to October 26 and shelf. It will be an attractive device called many colors, supporting two SIM cards in China and XS at a low price, XS Marx.

Kuo iPhone will account for 55 XR, with a forecast of 60% iPhone in 2018 and 55% 50 over the previous estimate.

“We expect sales to peak. XS and XS and XR started production in October, bringing the growth rate to the supply chain from October,” Marx said. Kuo said.

Apple started XS iPhone, iPhone 4 apple XS Marx and watch series, from September 14th, is expected to be in some markets, no matter from September 21st.

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