Where did Google build up and what happened?

The page opens Google’s Sergei Brin 1998. They are all high places and still run the letter of the page, which is the company meeting. According to Peng Bo news agency finance, you were diagnosed with vocal cord paralysis. He said it was 2013. You know this makes you speak very quietly, and parents agree to start Google not to speak publicly from the 2014 TED meeting, even though Google has not been attacked lately by the president from hardship. G Donald Chuan pin is suspected of manipulating search results and violating antitrust laws.

Your absence is more obvious than before the hearing. The US Congress last week in Facebook and Twitter CEO Jack Jack Dorsey Cher Sandberg are in an empty chair for all ages and after Google CEO T T. Refusing to participate. According to McNamee Roger, an investor started in Google and then became your criticism. Google was particularly lucky at this time because the failure on Facebook was more interesting, but many people were not the same as Google and micro. C did not come out, Google brought the “big discount” to Facebook. If you are an investor, they should be angry.

Disappearing in public pages does not mean completely withdrawing from technology. According to Peng Bo, you are not interested. You are concentrating on these fictional projects in Google and enterprises. For example, New Page Corporation has invested a lot in the same way as blackfly Kitty eagle flying car.

Pages protect their personal lives, but it also allows these arguments to rise, especially in the current Google set up in weighing people and some other social networking companies.

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