Up to now, G’s Apple fans are finding that Samsung can’t use Apple’s fans

He looked at the leak of reporter XS Department iPhone, apple XS Max series four.

Samsung can help Apple ban sales from the prospect of iPhone, iPad in Korea

iPhone iPhone 8 X 8, plus iPhone, Apple can be banned from sale in Korea.

Temperatures have reached a climax when Apple is about to unveil its new product annual event in autumn. In the September 12th cause, we will see the real eyes of these new iPhone products, like all the technology like hot apple iPad Pro, looking at the fourth generation and a brand new MacBook.

As usual, Apple fans are looking forward to this trend in Google data at this time.

The retail website bank cell has considered all users’ search queries. They collected data from 2007 to 2018 and got the accuracy of the global search digital broadcast data through the Google trend. From Wikipedia, iPhone also heaps the trend of synthetic data to help you imagine the tendency to increase the mutation.

In all the discoveries, they found: Apple fans became crazy two times because of events compared to Samsung fans, as you can see in the following picture:

On the research website, before the launch of iPhone, more people seeking help, especially 230% buy high, and once announced the launch of iPhone X, have made a new way of caring for users. This led to “the biggest increase in mutation since the launch of iPhone 6.”

The website said: “since 2007, iPhone has established a significant inertia until 2014. After that, the tendency of bursts began to decrease and increase the hobby level. The biggest thing was when the X frame redesigned iPhone’s eyes in 2017. ”

I don’t know, everyone knows, real Apple fans are looking forward to tonight.

We know a lot about Apple and get ready to come out tonight, such as three new iPhone screen sizes and 6,5 5,8 inches; 6,1-inch inches. In addition, the article WSJ tells others that mobile phones usually have more and more mobile phones. 6 inches or larger, just like Apple expects this year, many applications usually use two times as much as those that use 5,5-inch screens, each of the screen versions of iPhone’s largest six or seven, Kantar world panel. The users and devices of the research company also have a greater probability. 62% playing games, watching videos, have a tendency to be two times higher than those of smaller screens every day.

Increase user usage. When using a larger screen, Apple is good news, because the company wants to bring service to the business department. According to Morgan Stanley, Apple received $30 when you applied from each device, including sales, account registration of sub listening music and purchase of content users. Investment companies also forecast revenue from services for about 60% years in 2023.

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