To call Jek billion dollars to continue to expand in Southeast Asia?

The CEO went to Jek to announce that “there must be profit on all fronts”.

The highest price of new technology to Jek is in Indonesia. The ongoing dialogue needs to mobilize at least $200 million for overseas acquisitions. C, Bloomberg.

The company’s headquarters in Jakarta will end the process and mobilize funds in the next few weeks. These companies are currently on Jek, including Tencent holding company Temasek Holdings and China, Pincus.

In the process of Jek expansion in Southeast Asia and competitors rush to headquarters in Singapore. Buying and selling technology and excellent steps in the whole workspace will mobilize more capital of US $300 million this year.

The company began to share business services in Indonesia, and now there are more other services, such as allowing users to pay phone bills and buy movie tickets.

At present, the Jek representatives have not yet responded to the feedback information and asked for the surrounding events.

Over the years, Jek’s drive to acquire activities has been to build excellent team leadership and to monitor multiple businesses.

Andre, chairman of the Jek soelistyo, went to a meeting and said, “we have recently established a group leader who really wants to make a change and say he is speaking in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.”

Since its establishment in Jakarta and Jek, it has been trying to maintain its dominance from the Indonesian market and market.

From September 12th – Jek / 2018, the sharing services and freight cars were launched in Hanoi and announced in Vietnam. Jek went to work in Vietnam to go to the Viet brand name.

In the recent Indonesia grant to the company, the move was $150 million, and the company’s price was $500 million, according to Bloomberg data.

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