The youngsters died because they tried to take NHO I to take pictures of the selfie waterfall, the most impressive

The young people who travel around the world in selfie actually need to take pictures at home.

According to Israeli news age Jerusalem citizen, the 18-year-old citizen named Tomer Frankfurt died in an unexpected surprise when visiting Yosemite National Park in the United States.

At this time, Frankfurt and her mother’s trip to the United States lasted two months before they returned to Israel to join the army.

The boy’s mother and exposure time were near the top of the Nevada waterfall, nearly 200 meters high, trying to take pictures of D cliff n selfie outside Frankfurt cliff. But you can’t keep your balance, so you fall dead.

The accident caused Yosemite park to build sea and warn dangerous tourists to take photos here. The body of Frankfurt was brought back to Israel.

The death of young people only occurred two months after the accidental death of three famous stars, when they were on Instagram, the peak falls Shannon in British Columbia, Canada.

According to statistics, by 2015, photographs of death turned into selfie in the world even more than those killed by sharks. This is a sense of vigilance to protect ourselves. Some are not used to it. There are too many smartphone users.

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