The billionaire’s portrait and most of the money left from Tencent are given to education

This has begun to change when the ambition of a Chinese billionaire, including Jack and the open public charity program. One of them is Yidan Charles Chen. In the same year, the largest Internet Co Tencent holding company was established in the same year. The Yidan R, the chief executive of the company, has established charitable R. I ng. When you retire in 2013, you will devote more time to your personal efforts, mainly in education.

On Saturday, in Hongkong rose, you get a Yidan annual award prize value of HK $600 thousand per year (7,6 million) for those who are changing the way of education stable. This year, it was awarded to a teacher and a researcher.

This year’s winner is Larry Hedges, Professor of research at Northwestern University, using statistics in education policy and Anant Agarwal, founder of EDX online learning platform.

Before that, there was a Yidan Bloomberg news exchange activity and learning importance. In the Yidan share of these contents:

Why education?

“My father came from a rural area, and you were the first doorstep to enter the family. College education changed my father’s life and changed our path. China has national universities for examinations. If you can’t do a good job, you can’t be a good person. You must accept an invisible pressure. Your family and teachers always say that this is an important test. Now the opportunity to go to university is easier to access, but this is the only chance to have a good life. If you graduate from a good school, the society will give you a home job. I hope there is a policy to ensure that this is my graduation in 1993. However, if you come from a rural university, it is the only way to change your life.

Are you a student?

“I put a lot of pressure on myself. My favorite subjects are math and Chinese. English class is my weakness. My grades are good, but obviously not my favorite subject. This is about my friends and my friendship. I founded Tencent and my classmates. They are friends. Oh, I was in high school and University University, that is, I went to see my wife.

What makes you a full-time charity?

“This is not an easy decision. I admit that the development of the company exceeds the founder of expectation. At the very beginning, we just want to get the existence and carry out our activities on the Internet. We feel our own way. This is the second stage of my work. But this is the Internet that is about to break out in China. By 2013, the company was developing very fast. I have been asking myself how to jump out of the car. I know that my energy level was a few years ago when I retired, and I had time for me to be important things – family, charity, and education. My wife urged me to listen to my heart. I really was. Laugh at her. Her first year in support of our family is also encouraging me to join Tencent first.

There are many reasons. How to choose the most important?

“I think there are two important things to talk about the working mechanism. One is, the other is time. What makes a good education? Let’s see, the Internet is the foundation and social media is a foundation. I have no personal opinion about education.

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