Samsung’s latest technology introduction to India smartphone market

Samsung mobile solution (SMSF 2018 Forum: a forum to solve Samsung mobile 2018), Saturday opened directory information comprehensive solution Samsung component.

The catalog includes prominent families – a series of products on the SOC chip Exynos. This list also includes a reliable and effective solution to Internet events (iodine). S111 Exynos I finish or end – to artik ends.

Image sensor isocell has also been optimized for different devices. For example, the latest isocell Plus image quality brings bright and vivid solutions, which can facilitate isocell fill and game development. C custom.

Haejin Park, vice president and general manager of the solution equipment in Southeast Asia, Samsung Electronics said: “innovation is the core strength, bringing us advanced technology solutions.”

Parke said: “We believe that no big or small achievement can be achieved. Without collective efforts, the commitment of all parties to participate and Samsung will become a partner’s long road to go. But justice.

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