Samsung SDI joins adhesive as Samsung’s first flip screen for Smartphone maker Samsung

Optically transparent adhesive tape (OCA adhesive) is a highly effective paste. They are used to connect photos, backgrounds, and touchscreens of mobile devices. This is the essential material for connection to enhance durability and improve the quality of the screen and the optical quality of the screen. In particular, the first magnetic tape produced by mass produced by SDI Samsung Corp is OCA’s screen thing switch.

According to SDI website and other News Corp subsidiary, Samsung, Samsung specializes in battery research and development OCA ice started from the past four to five years ago, and now the technology has matured, Samsung SDI select units to provide an ice. Samsung’s replacement of US rival Mickey rice is the future of service production of smartphone flip windows.

The world has recently revealed that Samsung will probably introduce the first folding screen in November.

Observers say they are optimistic about the market outlook and believe in the switch devices on smartphone screens. This will be the future of the market for smartphones and tablet computers, while revolutionary historical and cultural habits D User ng for many years.

It is expected that Samsung’s smartphone screen will be folded in the first stage, with only about 1 million months. After receiving the feedback market, Samsung will decide whether to increase production.

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