Samsung is secretly developing a smartphone Galaxy is a chip Xiaolong 845 years?

In the free competition market, Samsung’s powerful smartphones recently confirmed that they will launch medium-sized devices to integrate all the functions, but high – product first, which is expected to be launched in ivory. The arrival of October 11th, as part of the strategy, was one of the sources of internal information revealed by Samsung’s preparatory process in a village using a smartphone Galaxy chip Qualcomm Snapdragon for 845 years.

This device will have a cheaper price than a flagship (although Samsung’s chips and Xiaolong used for 845 years now). If this information is correct, Samsung may be targeting Apple XR iPhone.

With regard to these functions, it is possible that a new Samsung Galaxy screen will use AMOLED rate of 18, 9 and maximum at the thin edge of the quadrangle. In addition, the latest trend is focused on Samsung’s camera, which is expected to have at least two cameras in the rear.

Switching to the board’s technical parameters, the microprocessor Xiaolong 845 years high can bring 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory (scalable card microSD). The device may have Android and 8.1 Oreo and will soon be updated to the Android nine faction.

Samsung has not yet set a time to issue a Galaxy advanced chip. However, once it happens, it will be interesting to see Samsung positioning your brand. C is ready to launch Galaxy Pro, but A9 and low configuration mean that a device and Galaxy Xiaolong can be called Galaxy A10.

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