LG becomes the second partner, to iPhone screen OLED XS, XS Max apple

From last year to this year, Samsung is the only partner to provide the screen for iPhone and the new OLED X, which is the largest apple of XS and XS. However, this monopoly will also end.

According to the Korean Herald, LG suppliers will be the second OLED screens for XS and XS. In the past few months, information has been available about Apple’s search for new suppliers to reduce the dependence of screen OLED Samson. For example, last year, because of poor quality desktop OLED Samsung should LG cannot become partners, to provide iPhone screen X

However, in developing new money, it seems that LG has improved the OLED screen quality to meet the strict quality standards of apple.

“Internal sources tell OLED screens that the latest sixth-generation LG shows apple through a series of test quality. In addition, the screen produced by the company is written in the two large factories on the screen OLED preparing for the production chain, the Korean Herald E6.

With the screen parts that are usually the most expensive smartphones, the new partnership LG apple can help reduce costs. More importantly, there are two suppliers, the OLED screen means that Apple will be less affected if the accident happens in LG Samsung or problems.

Earlier in July, there was news that LG initially offered 50 thousand OLED screens to apple. In other words, Samsung is still the main supplier. For a long time, the screen ratio of OLED provides half of the new LG between Samsung and apple.

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