Investors will destroy the cause of Tesla’s view that stock prices are now impossible to invest in musk

One of the biggest supporters, Tesla has given up watching your stock analysis, struggling with the behavior of the car manufacturer, the controversial CEO Iron Mask.

Nomura Instinet ranked Tesla’s stock from buying more to neutral, because Musk’s behavior may damage the company’s trademark.

Analyst Amit king sent a message to the client, the headline could not be invested in writing. “The report is as follows:” we are one of the most optimistic stocks since the beginning of Tesla. In the last ten months of tracking. We continue to believe that Tesla can become more dysfunctional than many of its problems today, in chief executive, Elon Musk. In the second place, the switch seems to be deceived instead. We are worried that this behavior will tarnish the brand Tesla, and that is the most important thing if we value it. ”

Tesla’s stock closing level dropped by 2,1% on Wednesday.

Iran’s goal is to reduce the stock price from $400 Tesla to $300 a share. The target is twenty-second in your sixth high position, an analyst at Wall Street, at FactSet.

Analysts say musk has pushed 15 times a day since May, four times a day, 18 months ago. He added that the musk of the act is hurting the ability of the company to maintain its talents.

You share: “Musk’s behavior is recorded intact (ridicule those short, interviews and documents NYT disaster, accusation and cave divers three Peng, this conference report income, smoking podca St. Joe’s Rogan) and possible contributions to the cause of many directors in recent months. We believe that Tesla needs a better board and we stand aside until we know that I The occurrence and management.

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