If Tesla does not have a new board, it may be the end of Tesla

The behavior of Elon Musk may lead to the loss of the company, but the result will be 1 or 2 in the next quarter, but it will surely bring bad results if the board and others cannot stop me. N he.

This is a three-way, Elon Musk, who is hurting today: Tesla.

1. There is a fact that corporate talent is bleeding, and 13 important chief executives have left the company in the past year. The dialogue between Elon Musk is a difficult task or a strict or impossible one. This may be more likely to happen, and musk is a difficult job because of his character. In addition, these CEOs are leaving the Tesla job to give your opponent the competitive advantage of erosion in the plate’s Tesla automotive electronics and autopilot.

2. The impact of this will not only affect employees’ potential employees at present but the ability of employees to control potentially restrictive musk interviews in the process of Mount Lu. News ng the operation of Elon Musk may shrink the senior staff of the object, willing to be Tesla. Without talent, Tesla can’t compete, no matter how hard musk works.

3. Elon Musk has built up his aura: what a millionaire wants to do is to do so. For years, sunlight has been shining on Tesla’s aura. But recently, the light of light has turned into a bad temper. It likes to bully and part of lies. He will surely have more new fans to behave like this. It may be that he lost his supporters because he was facing Tesla, Tesla, which means he lost his supporters.

Although some may think that Elon Musk is to be fired or resigned, he is still the Elon Musk of Tesla. The need for musk Tesla’s view is that several of your former companies have the advantage of sustainable innovation capability than anyone else. Musk’s innovative spirit in the company’s appearance is the space car. Automotive electronics, so now is the time for Tesla to lose their innovative spirit.

Musk should abandon the position of chairman.

The best script is Elon Musk to stay in the company, but what needs to be changed.

It seems that the core of the problem is musk Tesla, the people around him are unwilling or impossible to equal human rights in your equality. However, what is worse is this. What happened the board of directors of the company.

Tesla’s board of directors needs to get a new one. Few independent directors and managers have many long-term relationships and musk as investors, reduplication like a space exploration technology company and other companies, or they may be Family, family and so on. No one can let Elon Musk listen to and repair your wounds on board.

The quickest and simplest way is to let musk resigns the chairman of the board of directors, a director who has no independent director to resign from Parliament will be in a new member of the presidency. There is the first year of voting. M eliminated Musk’s voting mechanism from chair chairman, but most of Tesla’s stock demanded new information and failed to change voting.

If musk resigns and another director from his chair, the company can find a new chairman, it doesn’t matter, and musk may affect you. Al Gore, at present, Apple’s directors are possible.

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