HUAWEI CEO is confident that the folding mechanism of smartphone desktop can replace computers

This is the real smartphone screen folding, but not Samsung’s.

A few weeks ago there was a rumor that HUAWEI’s secret development smartphone folding screen was facing Samsung’s folding game on the smartphone screen.

This is really a big worry and the Samsung Galaxy X desktop folding of smartphones, even though the planned machine is scheduled to start in November.

But this is not the time for rumors. It is the existence of the definition of the CEO Richard Yu, HUAWEI’s smartphone screen folding rack.

In a news interview page, HUAWEI CEO Richard Yu had shared the first smartphone.

When asked about these innovative phones in the future HUAWEI, Yu said, “why do you need to use computers? Maybe it’s because the screen of a smartphone is too small. We need to change all this. It can be understood that this is a screen that can be turned.

Plus also revealed that HUAWEI is studying the Department’s smartphone, and users do not have to wait too long to find it. Unfortunately, time does not speak out, but he has long revealed some functions that can appear in computer network technology, including 5g and function people.

HUAWEI CEO also expressed the role of viewpoint in the increasingly important smartphone in people’s lives. He said that there is not enough equipment to replace the current smartphone. Smartphones will continue to be key services, payments, and many other entertainment activities.

According to who will bring many important improvements and functions of smartphones, including cameras and images. Who can help translate the AR application language in real time? Kirin’s recent chip integration HUAWEI people are important prerequisite to help companies achieve new functionalization.

With 5g network technology, it will play an important role in the development of smartphones. Data transmission speed super fast network 5g supports smartphones in many jobs, especially real-time translation. In addition, smartphones will also play a device to transmit information and work time. The speed of time is very fast.

HUAWEI is expected to launch 20 sets of double 20 Pro in friends and friends, in fact, came here in October 16th. I hope that here, Chinese smartphone manufacturers share more ideas and time patterns of new smartphone screen folding.

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