Google and Samsung shake hands to overturn IMessage apple and standard SMS RCS

Google and Apple’s competition IMessage wants to use RCS SMS platform.

Experience in retailing and products is the biggest Samsung in the world.

Samsung can help Apple ban sales from the prospect of iPhone, iPad in Korea

Samsung didn’t give up Vietnam’s market movie, just launched Galaxy Tab S4 value 180 thousand.

The standard SMS RCS (rich communication services) allows for more exchange and richer content links, a normal short message battleship. With RCS, you can send text messages over the wireless network, watching objects texting or not answering, or reading text messages or chatting, creating a richer set, or even video/image and high resolution. These functions are passed through iPhone through messages, but now they can be passed on the Android phone RCS.

Google hopes to provide the RCS Android ecosystem, which has been split up and can provide information on IMessage together, just like apple in iOS.

But this is a task, very, very large, especially when there are many external Android devices. And Google needs the whole industry to go with them RCS (support all manufacturers and network devices must participate) if they want to get a useful result.

One problem is that this basic information is very common, such as WhatsApp telegram has used billions of dollars in garden fences around their concerns and dragged them to the newsletter of ordinary users.

However, is this Google prohibitive?

Google RCS concentrated in April when they supported the next code battleship from the attention of the application SMS also.

They have established an inertial RCS. The conference announced in MWC that they have supported more than 40 RCS networks, increasing the network from about 27 years ago. Digital network support RCS has recently reached 55.

But after three years, we bought information on the future development of jibe Mobile professional RCS and every advertisement. “At present, we haven’t seen more signs from Google.

In addition, the network says that they intend to support RCS is not enough, they must directly support RSC deployment. It is unclear how many networks have done so.

In addition, it is unclear how many people are using the RCS stage.

According to the latest press release, Google has an “extended cooperation concept” and “a mountain between Samsung”. Before that, the two had already supported the RCS plug-in to support the classification of some Samsung devices. “But now they know that you will be brought to the RCS function. These smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 currently includes S8 active, S8 +, +, S9, S9, note 8. 9, note that lines A and J run Android 9 or higher.

Although it sounds like a lot of new equipment, we should also remember that support or not depends on the network and the market. Therefore, it will not be popular with all groups of Samsung Android devices.

They also said they would support Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone RCS. But again, it applies only to those standards that are supported by the network.

The couple’s statement: “this means that consumers and brands can enjoy chatting and tell him if you like richer and Samsung Android users’ messages and messages.”

Although PR is optimistic that the end of the screen will be optimistic, the two company talks about the opportunity to upgrade experience to the entire Android ecosystem by SMS.

However, if Google can choose equipment and enough masterpieces, and the market chooses to backup RCS, they can find an object with enough information to compete with an IMessage. People.

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