Gene Munster XR is cheaper than iPhone: This is the apple that hits the goal

Gene Munster said: “the real product, I think, will be the R version. I think it will be a goal to hit the ball.”

The Apple announced the latest fourth days of iPhone: the price of one XR is iPhone and iPhone and XS for 749 years, the base price of a car for 999 years and iPhone XS Marx, the floor price is 1099 dollars. This XR aluminum has many LCD 6,1 inch screens of different colors. It lacks some key functions of mobile phones, but still runs at a faster speed than the previous version of the processor, and installs advanced cameras, which have lower prices.

Chairman and chief executive sergeant Geber Kawasaki, Mr. Ross said that this XR iPhone cheaper than a smart move is that Apple’s goal is to let users realize the price.

Gbe confirmed: “young people are very valuable. They counted one point because I thought it was a smart Apple by using low mobile phones more like mobile phones with high water.

There is an XR iPhone price starting from a lower phone compared to iPhone X value of $1000, but Angelo Zino CFRA, analysts’ research has pointed out that the price is $750 starting price is lower than the old system iPhone. E.

Zino shares: “when you look at some god who estimates the Wall Street, I think they underestimated the real benefits, increasing the selling price on average for December ladies. One is very important like five C. H NH is coming. ”

Last year, when Apple launched iPhone X, analysts criticized the price of $1000. But since then, this has helped push X iPhone to Apple’s profits, even though sales of iPhone continue to be flat. The former X iPhone helped increase the average price of iPhone at 724 US dollars, which has exceeded the expected level.

Munster said that even with cheaper iPhone XR cars, you can still see that the average selling price of iPhone will rise. You know that when you can’t imagine a script, the average selling price of the iPhone is less than 800 dollars.

Munster said: “when our problem is expected to be clear in the next fiscal year, next year, the average selling price index of iPhone will rise and increase a lot in iPhone”.

To achieve an average sale price of $800, Munster tells you that you must assume that XR will buy iPhone users more than the other two phones.

This XS iPhone and XS code can order the US Friday restaurant. They will be on September 21st. The XR iPhone can be scheduled for October 19th and will be in the user’s hands one week later.

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