DIGITIMES: lack of production capacity, processing 14nm to hire Intel chip of Taiwan integrated circuit manufacturing company

DIGITIMES page said Intel intends to hire chipset produced by Taiwan integrated circuit manufacturing company to support 14nm series and “300 series processors, which means that includes chip coffee lake.” This news came just at the right time, and there was news that Intel was in difficulty with the 14nm production chip. This stems from the lack of delay in producing 10nm chips from the company, increasing the expected demand for the chips of each pipeline 14nm Intel.

But it seems that in addition to the job choosing to hire coffee Lake produced by Intel processor is very unusual, especially the complex design and business secrets, so we need to take this seriously. “Therefore, for chipset h310 scenarios, it seems more reasonable to be employed for several months when supply is scarce.

These chips seem relatively simple and easy to transfer to the processing plant chips in the production process than the Taiwan integrated circuit manufacturing company, though in another process (node (like), with special emphasis on DIGITIMES) if the s partnership is taken into account. The company with Intel has FPGA Stratix Sofia and SOC chips in their products.

At present, 14nm interferes with our chipset and Intel chip 14nm foundry. If the company wants to set up a chipset for each processor, the production will help reduce Intel’s coffee lake to produce more processors 14nm.

All signs of lack of 14nm Intel chips become clearer. When the company announces the latest revenue, they say, “our biggest challenge in the two quarter (2018) is to respond to increased demand.” With our customers and prudent factories, we will prepare for customers who do not impede growth.

But all the signs, the difficulty of Intel chips, and even the emergence of 14nm before, the company recognized the problem. 14nm Intel chipset h310 fell in the state of insufficient supply, or simply did not give up, not shit. The year 2018. In the Taiwan foundry production series, including the company’s chief executive, Jason Chen maple, people say last week that the scarcity of CPU 14nm has affected their supply chain.

It has been observed that many cheap chips of tomshardware have not brought more profits, and Intel chips, which are not K, have experienced a significant rise cycle. The core Intel chip i7 – 8700k is also on the rise, showing a large number of retail outlets, indicating that it is difficult for companies to meet demand.

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