Apple is giving priority to profits and serving new functions

Today, Apple’s secret weapon is a special function. It is a smart strategic value and many options, memory, screen size, and color. Although there are 3 new iPhone users who can not do such overwhelming users, the apple initiative on Wednesday may regain economic benefits and help defense companies as suppliers. The western world that consumptive leads.

Munster gene, an Apple’s senior analyst, said: “although the expected Apple iPhone has occurred, the new production line will help increase sales and average selling prices.” you said, “kettle in the company’s work quota. Ah, but to earn more revenue than from a customer. ”

Apple launched iPhone and iPhone XS, XS Marx XR three model, based on the new design and characteristics of X from last year iPhone.

This XS iPhone plug-in has a much faster processor and improved camera function, and a larger screen at XS’s Marx iPhone. XR version will feature your car’s X screen and multiple ID faces. But the price is less than the US $750, less than the US $250, compared with last year’s masterpiece.

Apple is changing itself to adapt to the smartphone industry. While persuading users to upgrade to expensive phones and the most advanced every year, Apple’s goal is to slowly increase the average price while enhancing digital device support activities B Project hardware and service numbers, like music and video streaming.

Amino daryanani, analysts share in capital RBC mark T: “Apple’s focus seems to have gradually replaced the profits and services led by cycles and products, which is a positive, huge boar in a market.” * Ng smartphone has grown up. ”

Apple’s shares fell 12%, closing at the hearing on Wednesday, trading at a price of $221.07. Shares jumped to 30% this year, making Apple the first US worth of listed companies to reach the US $1 trillion.

The low price of iPhone XR can increase the number of Apple equipment installation, and promote sales of accessories sales and services, like apple to see numbers. The cheap mobile phones of these samples, larger screens, will attract customers to upgrade their phones. Apple can help you distribute new software functions, and many people use them.

Analyst Mike Olson has not been upgraded to X from iPhone and iPhone phones from Jaffray pepper, and about 40% said they did not want to upgrade to iPhone X shelves too high or too small. Now, these people have too many choices to share with Olsen.

Another way to make up for the slow down of the smartphone market is to raise prices. The latest Apple iPhone on the production line is made. Apple’s iPhone price dropped to $7 to $7, but stopped selling, products had the iPhone, iPhone was the cheapest, and there was an XS maximum of $449 in 1449. Therefore, the total price range is $449 in the US $14, 40, which is 349 US dollars higher than the US dollar in 1149.

Munster predicts that the average selling price of iPhone will reach the US $791 in the fiscal year 2019. This figure increased the level of US dollar in the 652 the fiscal year of 2017, according to the data compiled by Peng Bo.

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