Another chief financial officer left Tesla

Justin can ear, vice president of global finance, will leave CFO Tesla to become another company. This is the latest addition to our company, leaving directors resigned from the company in recent months. G, when the company wants to develop into a struggling auto manufacturer’s mainstream maturity.

Mcanear shared the report: “more than a week ago, I told my team that I would leave Tesla because I had the opportunity to make CFO to another company. I really love time in Tesla. I am Sue.” What matters is my colleagues, what they do, but this is just an opportunity. I can’t give up. ”

He said that any reason other than that is not accurate here.

He said: “I have worked for a team to ensure a smooth transition before the last day. On October 7th, a team member has accepted the warrior to stand up for my role.”

A series of executive directors and senior staff have left Tesla’s week. David Morton Tesla, the Accounting Director, has worked in the first few weeks of September after he left the company. Doug, after you have left the scene, can ear, the short notice and the commentator Tesla Jim Chanos listed 41 of the senior staff have left Tesla, including managers, before the announcement of the resignation in July. Gaby Toledano laughs, vice president of media Sarah O Bo Liang.

At the same time, some investors seem to have become troubled and dysfunctional Elon Musk.

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