Amazon’s cloud computing sector is looking for new directions to recruit jobs, but it removes the mystery of the universe

Part of Amazon’s cloud computing service, Amazon is renting an innovative space system, especially satellites. The company said it had never publicly discussed such a project.

On the second day, this website is only in Amazon, specializing in writing an article, publishing their findings, and finding two articles to recruit workspace projects. This article was later deleted.

The universe may be a new border infrastructure cloud computing, when rivals Microsoft and Amazon, Google, IBM, and Oracle Corp struggle to save market share in the company by reducing computing data centers. And storage requirements. Amazon’s leading Internet services market, 6,11 billion in revenue in the most recent quarter.

Amazon is already running a big contract, cloud computing from the US Department of defense and NASA is a customer service on Amazon website. Amazon’s chief executive, the founder of Jeffrey Bezos’s blue origin company, focuses on tourist space. If you want to go to d n Amazon’s new planet, you want to build your own market space.

The location of the location of an Amazon Web service has been handled by the board recruitment Engineer in location data. The other is the space of many service enterprises in product management and pH n. G’s spaceship.

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